Through the ages women have been oppressed and made subservient in various spheres of life. Whether it is in the home, in marriage, in the workplace or in the community, the dominant male culture has ensured that women remain at a disadvantage. There is therefore a dire need to empower women and to raise their status to the level intended by Islam where they are treated with justice, honour and respect.

One of the main reasons women have been stripped of their rights is a result of ignorance on both the sides of men and women. Hence knowledge in the very broad comprehensive sense of the word is imperative in empowering women and improving their status in society.

To seek knowledge has been made incumbent on both men and women by the Quran in Sura Iqra. But seeking knowledge alone is not sufficient. As Muslims we are required to seek knowledge “In the Name of Allah”. We have been created to serve Allah and the key to servanthood is remembrance of Allah. Remembrance of Allah brings true honour to the servant and it is this honour we women should strive for. Knowledge and Remembrance of Allah should be perceived as two wings of a bird, with the bird symbolizing the empowerment of women.

As a women’s organisation our primary objective will be to empower women through various educational programmes and through our dhikrs and khalkas (talks). Our educational programmes will address the various dimensions of the women from the physical to the emotional and spiritual, Insha Allah (God Willing).

“O Allah make this, our endeavour, easy for us and grant us success in that which You love and which pleases You. Make us to be the followers of Your most Noble Shari’ah and Your Beloved and Chosen Prophet (S.A.W) Amin”

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