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Devotions and Practices

A compilation of the major Naqshbandi devotions and practices, most of which had originated from Sayiduna Abu Bakr (r.a) and which are thoroughly grounded in Divine Law.



Spiritual Discourses

We are living in a century where people are saying that there is no god.  Atheism has dominion over the whole world.  All governments and educational systems are based on atheism and materialism.  It means that the sovereignty of Satan has been established from north to south and from east to west, in every nation and within every belief.  Until we are able to destroy the sultanate of Satan, we cannot do anything.



The word bay’ah, as dealt with in this paper, refers mainly to a pledge one makes to Allah Almighty, usually on the hand of an authorized intensely pious person, with regard to one’s religious commitment to Him, to His Messenger (s.a.w.s.) and His Message.  The pledge is, therefore, a deeply religious action involving the orientation of one’s life totally for Him and for His sake.  It is as if one is saying: “O my Lord, I have decided to redirect and to dedicate my life and all its activities to Thee.” 


The Interview

“One of the things very few of us are aware of is the fact that people who had come here and were the founders of Islam in Cape Town in South Africa, had come with very special qualities, were in fact very spiritual people, but where did they get their spirituality from?  What did that mean?  And what has that got to do with the new trend we see towards Sufism today? That’s what this interview is covering in speaking with Professor Yusuf da Costa, one of the people who can tell us a great deal about our heritage and more so about the lives of the Awliya.”


The Honour of Woman in Islam

As a member of the Advisory Committee of the Islamic Supreme Council of America, whose aim is to present the peaceful, moderate, tolerant face of Islam, Dr da Costa undertook the writing of this work as a mission to elucidate the true respect and love for women inherent in the Islamic faith.

Relying explicitly on the source texts of Islam, including the Holy Quran and the sayings of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), Dr da Costa details classical Islam’s true teachings regarding the rights and roles of women.  He then presents brief case studies of several leading female figures from Islamic history, including Mary mother of Jesus and Hagar hand-maiden of Sarah, whose exemplary lives truly demonstrate the honour and power God has bestowed upon women.

If we consider Islam in its traditional form, as practiced by the majority of Muslims throughout the world, we too may witness The Honour of Women in Islam.


Dhikr & Nafl Salahs

This compilation and arrangement of supererogatory ibadat grew out of the lessons that are generally given to my Hajj classes.  These classes are held every year to prepare people to perform Hajj and Umrah.  As part of their spiritual preparation for these undertakings, the classes are given a considerable amount of supererogatory ibadat to start doing at home, and which they continue to do while in the Holy Cities.  It is hoped that the spiritual transformation brought about in them by Allah, the Most High, through the level of performance of their Hajj and Umrah would encourage them to continue with these supererogatory ibadat for the rest of their lives.  It is hoped further that through their obedience to Him by their combination of obligatory and supererogatory ibadat, Allah, the Most High, would grant them a special status by Him.  We also call on Him for all of this, for us as well, amin.

I supplicate to Allah, the Most High, to let the reward of this work be a light for me and for my family Yaum al-Qiyamah, and that it be a means for us to attain to the experience of His Countenance, amin.

I supplicate to Him to let this work be of spiritual benefit to all of us who use it, and that it helps all of us to attain to His Satisfaction, amin.

I supplicate to Him through this work for His Mercy and Forgiveness, and I call on Him to make us of His pious obedient servants, amin.


Hajj and Umrah

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The Remembrance of Allah Almighty

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Malfoozaat - Book 1 & 2 set

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